elementary school fundraising ideas

Top 5 Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Top 5 Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Ontario Elementary School fundraising has been a staple at almost every school since the beginning of time.  Fundraisers help pay for much needed items such as google chrome books, school playgrounds, books, sport team activities and so much more.  What a great way for the school community to work together with one goal in mind. At Amazing Fundraising, we have come across a number of different fundraisers that help schools, faith-based organizations, youth sports teams and non-profits raise money using unique fundraising products.  

Fundraising is unique because the community is made up of a diverse mix of parents, teachers and students.  Therefore there are a lot of variables determining the outcome of a successful best school fundraiser.  

Fortunately for you, we have created a list of our top 5 fundraising ideas for schools that should please everyone on your list.

  1. Amazing Box of Cards
  2. Scratch Card Fundraisers
  3. Cookie Dough Fundraiser 
  4. Gift Card Fundraisers 
  5. School Carnivals

Magazine Sales 

Magazine Sales are filled with nonfiction writing which helps children develop critical thinking skills.  Articles provide readers with a lively breezy writing style that can inspire them to read more. They can also offer residual sales that can continue raising funds for your school all year round. 

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Offers high-quality ingredients and delicious recipes.  They also offer gluten-free options. Proven to have high profits, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and who doesn’t love cookies.  

Gift Card Fundraiser

Encourage supports to pay for their everyday expenses with gift cards purchased through fundraising organizations.  Each purchase automatically includes a donation to the school fundraiser. The supporter is not out of pocket, and they shop where they would normally shop. 

School Carnivals

This is a great way to get the school community together and raise money at the same time.  Money can be raised through the sale of tickets, raffle prizes, food and activities. Children love this event as it is typically held at the end of the school year as a celebration as well. 

Amazing Box of Cards

This school fundraiser offers high profits, value and convenience all wrapped up in one.  The box contains 26 Birthday cards, 2 blank cards and 4 gift card boxes. The value of the box is approximately $100.00 but sells for only $32.00.  This box is super convenient to have at home because we know how many birthday parties kids attend every year. You will never have to run out for a last minute birthday card again. Help your school, kids and community by booking your next Amazing box of Cards Fundraiser



Figuring out what is the best way for your school to raise money is never an easy task. Hopefully, with these 5 great ideas, your school will knock it out of the park.