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The best school fundraising product available. 28 Premium cards, 4 Gift card boxes and 1 Amazing card box to store them all. Amazing Box of Cards provides fantastic fundraising profits for you school. Our exclusive QuickRun process provides an easy guide with support for parents and staff. Subscribe to Helen & Kamila’s Youtube channel for great tips for your next fundraiser. 

Two moms, one mission. Helping families fundraise for a better tomorrow. Our goal is to provide every school, team and club a fantastic, profitable fundraising experience.

Amazing Box of Cards has been specially designed to provide the Highest Quality Birthday cards with largest margin for each school. Made from high quality recycled cardboard stock. The finishes are a modern glossy design sure to excite your fundraisers and buyers alike. 

For the 2019/2020 school year we have included 28 premium cards and 4 premium gift card boxes.

Our Story

Two Moms,
One Mission.

Helping Families Fundraise For A Better Tomorrow.

Friends since childhood, Helen & Kamila found themselves volunteering to manage fundraisers at their children’s schools. 

Finding profitable, easy to run products was a challenge. Amazing Box of Cards was created to help bring Big Profits and Amazing Products to friends and families of your schools.

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All Birthday or
All Holiday

All Birthday Card Set

The Amazing All Birthday box set includes 20 or 32 premium birthday cards with a keepsake box. Each box sells from $20 – $32 with a $5-$11 Profit per box for your school. A 300 student school that sells 300 boxes will profit up to $3300.

All holiday Card Set

The Amazing Holiday box set includes 20 premium holiday cards with a keepsake box. Each box sells for $20 with a $5 Profit per box for your school. A 300 student school that sells 300 boxes will profit $1500.

Some of Our Cards

These ladies are Professional and easy to work with. Minimal work is required from the school to operate. They organize all materials needed to begin your fundraiser. I highly recommend them for your next school fundraiser!
Romina Aidelman
INNER G Fitness